As large chunks of the world get placed under lockdown, or at least strong restrictions, we’ve been getting lots of requests for more online challenges.

We have a number of things planned over the next few months, including a new April Fools challenge starting on April 1.

One of our biggest new challenges is the Spring VIII Series. When the rowing season was cut short in the US, we heard from coaches and athletes that they wanted to continue training and competing as a team, and asking if there was anything we could do to help.

The Spring VIII Series is a new virtual team challenge that allows athletes to compete as a crew of eight from their own homes.

In the Spring VIII Series, crews compete in “boats” of eight. Team captains create one or more boats and choose their teammates. Each week, there is a different workout. Athletes just need to enter a verified result for each week in their individual Online Logbooks before the entry deadline. Although originally arising out of requests from US college teams, the Series is open to all.

You can find out more information at https://log.concept2.com/challenges/league